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Yoga Therapy

When imagining what a yoga therapy session may look like, it’s important to get the idea of a typical yoga class out of your mind!

As a mental health practitioner, the particular emphasis of therapeutic yoga is social, emotional and psycho-spiritual growth and development.  As a therapeutic yoga specialist, we use an array of evidence-based tools, grounded in yogic philosophy, practice and literature to address your particular needs.  The goal is to help you get out of your own way through connecting with the inner wisdom of your unique body, mind and heart.

Any type of yoga offering will include some combination of techniques to help you improve strength, mobility, balance, alignment, nervous system regulation, focus and/or deep relaxation. In a therapeutic yoga session we are more closely observing your particular needs in the moment, in order to fine-tune what practices will be most supportive. A session could include any one, or more, of the following tools:

  • tailored movement 

  • breathing practices 

  • restorative and assisted yoga postures 

  • mindfulness and compassion practices

  • guided self-inquiry

  • meditation

Whether you have little familiarity with yoga or perhaps are a long-time practitioner, there are numerous ways that you can benefit from therapeutic yoga sessions or classes – possibly as a supplement to medical or psychological treatment that you are already receiving, or for support with imbalances in need of attention that do not warrant a medical diagnosis.

Some examples of what therapeutic yoga can support you with:

  • Managing chronic stress and overwhelm

  • Bringing your values and lifestyle choices into alignment

  • Alleviating negative thinking that can lead to a sense of failure or worthlessness, self-sabotage, or chronic health challenges

  • Creating stability as you go through a significant life change or phase that is threatening your identity/sense of self 

  • Finding courage and grace in the face of loss

  • Connecting with body positive beliefs and practices 

It can also be that want to challenge and grow yourself – maybe in your yoga asana practice, meditation or other spiritual practices, or with regards to other social-emotional or mental life goals.

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