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Rebecca Roth, LMFT


Rebecca has been working in the mental health field for over 25 years, counseling individuals, families, and groups in a variety of settings, which has allowed her to work with a highly diverse population of people. Gaining knowledge and experience in working with diversity and being able to offer services equitably are her core values – which involves ongoing examination and acknowledgment of her limitations.

She began her journey as a yoga practitioner over 25 years ago.  Since then, her understanding of yoga, its roots and the impact of yoga practice has on her life, has continued to broaden and deepen, far beyond the asana (stretching and postures) practice.

The deepening has coincided with a Buddhist-based meditation practice.  Rebecca first took an interest in Buddhist philosophy/spirituality as a teenager, began meditating a few years later, and in the last decade has established a consistent practice that has involved a number of week-long silent meditation retreats – mostly in the Vipassana tradition.  The Vipassana lineage has been a significant contributor to the popularization of mindfulness practice in recent times.


She often weaves concepts and practices of mindfulness into the work that she does as a psychotherapist and in more recent years specifically teaching mindfulness meditation.  The practices of Yoga and Buddhism and their accompanying teachings are inseparable and equally invaluable – one very much supporting the other.


Aside from doing what she can to help her fellow humans, she spends plenty of time filling her own cup which means she has a lot to offer.  Amazing how that goes…

Rebecca feels a great reverence for other sentient and non-sentient beings.  One of her greatest refuges and sources of wisdom comes from taking a break from the modern world of humanity and connecting with the mountains, trees, sky, ocean and wildlife.

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