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Lena Axelsson - Psy.D.  LMFT  SEP

LMFT Lic. 47915

Lena Axelsson is a somatically informed Relational Psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of trauma. Many people have suffered some form of trauma in childhood or their adult life – illness, physical harm, emotional neglect or verbal abuse – but essentially trauma is anything that causes a person to feel worthless, helpless, insecure or even endangered. This type of deep experience impacts the whole being and dictates the way we function in our lives.

Relational Somatic Therapy is a deep engagement or relationship that unfolds between the client and therapist which focuses on the healing of the whole being - the body, mind and spirit. Humans are relational at their core. In relational somatic therapy, a strong emphasis is placed on the relationship between client and therapist. Through the process of exploring the relationship enfolding in the therapy room along with the client’s other relationship - a deep understanding of what stands in the way of a more fulfilling life can unfold.

Through verbal dialog, conscious exploration (paying attention to how you interact with others) and being together in a trusting and safe environment - a foundational relationship develops between the therapist and the client. Through learning to observe and not judge oneself, the client begins to see and then develop a relationship with the different and hidden aspects of themselves. In this safe container the client develops more healthy and nourishing ways of relating to self, others and the environment - enabling them to live a more vibrant and satisfying life.

To live fully in the present moment, without old, limiting patterns which were learned early on as a way of finding the best way to navigate our early years of life.

Lena is an innovator and published author in the field of Relational Gestalt Therapy. She has integrated somatic practices that work directly with the memories stored in the nervous system to include the whole body in the therapy. Through her own deep process of healing, she has recognized that the experience in the body is a critical element for healing and for integration of shifts in understanding. Lena has found that Relational Gestalt Therapy together with somatic therapies give a person a different way to interact with their environment so they can live from a place that is more true to their nature - complete, safe, peaceful and whole. She knows the terrain from the inside and because of this, she is a gifted and humble guide. 

Lena Axelsson - Psy.D. LMFT SEP
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