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Annette Barnett, AMFT

Registered Associate MFT under supervision by Lena Axelsson, LMFT # 47915

Annette is grateful for the opportunity to guide her clients through life transitions, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, painful relationships and other life challenges. These are all common and natural human experiences that can benefit from the support of a skilled therapist. I have a particular affinity for helping people create healthy, safe and secure relationships.

Her style is warm, compassionate and connected. Annette's approach is holistic, attachment-based and somatically-oriented, which means that we explore your cognitive (thoughts), emotional, physical and social experiences to support your growth and healing.  She utilizes a variety of modalities, including, but not limited to, NVC, EFT, PACT and working with your inner parts. Understanding and utilizing brain and nervous system science is also her focus and she regularly integrates this information into her work with clients.  

At the core of her philosophy and approach is the knowing that we all have a wise calm loving self within us that can serve as a powerful and comforting resource during trying times.  Her strongest intention is to support her clients in uncovering and strengthening this wise loving self so that self-love, compassion and support are readily available whenever needed.  This self-connection supports the capacity to ride the arduous waves of life with more ease, safety and trust and by doing so, experience vitality, aliveness and joy more consistently.     

She received her master’s degree in counseling psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Since that time, she has participated in workshops and retreats with Landmark Education, the NVC community, Network for a New Culture, many different meditation centers and Re-evaluation counseling, to name a few.  She is also fascinated by the field of eco psychology and strongly believes in the healing power of the natural world. This has inspired her to undergo training as a wilderness rites of passage guide through the School of Lost Borders.  

On a personal level, she meditates regularly, spend time in the wilderness, travel, focus on optimizing her health and fitness and continue her own journey of self-discovery.

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